HDMI Over Ethernet 120 M

HDMI Over Ethernet is based on TCP/IP standard‎,‎ so you can use IP switch box‎.‎ It transmits your HD display with the high resolutions up to 395 feet ‎(‎120 meters‎)‎ away from your HDMI or DVI‎-D source by using one CAT5e/6 cable‎.‎ With the advantage of TCP/IP standard you can extend your HD video to multiple displays by using an Ethernet Switch‎.‎
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  • HDTV Resolutions‎:‎ 480p‎,‎576p‎,‎720p‎,‎1080p 

  • Audio‎:‎ Sample rate‎:‎ 32kHz‎,‎ 44.1kHz and 48kHz 

  • IR remote control‎:‎ 38KHz‎;‎ NEC 

  • HDMI‎:‎ HDMI 1.3

  • HDCP‎:‎ HDCP 1.2 

  • Power adapter‎:‎ Input‎:‎ 100V ‎- 240V ‎(‎50 ‎- 60Hz‎)‎ 

  • Power consumption‎:‎ HDMI Sender‎:‎ 3W HDMI Receiver‎:‎ 3W

  • Operating Temperature/Humidity‎:‎ 0‎- 70 degrees/10% ‎- 80%RH‎(‎no condensation‎)‎

  • Storage Temperature/Humidity‎:‎ ‎-10 ‎- 80 degrees/ 5% ‎-90% RH‎(‎no condensation‎)‎ 

  • Easy To Use Easily 

  • Connect the HDMI source ‎(‎such as DVD‎,‎ PS3‎,‎ STB ‎)‎ to the HDMI IN of Sender‎.‎ 

  • Connect the IR sender to the Sender IR OUT Port‎,‎ and be Directed at HDMI video source’s IR receiver‎.‎ 

  • Connect the HDMI out of Receiver to HDTV display‎.‎ 

  • Connect the IR receiver to the Receiver IR IN Port‎.‎ 

  • Use one Cat5e/6 cable up to 120m to connect the Sender and Receiver‎.‎ 

  • Plug two pieces of 5V power supply into the Sender and Receiver‎.‎ 

  • Power on the HDTV display and HDMI source‎.‎