AV To VGA Converter

This converters converts Video/S‎-Video Signals to VGA‎.‎ Features‎:‎ Advanced digital image processing techniques applied‎,‎ to convert Video Signals to all kinds of VGA resolution‎.‎ Output from 800*600 to 1920*1200 VGA resolution‎.‎ Supports PAL/NTSC/SECAM‎.‎ Brightness‎,‎ Contrast‎,‎ Sharpness‎,‎ Saturation‎,‎ Tint‎,‎ HP‎(‎Horizontal position‎)‎‎,‎ VP‎(‎Vertical position‎)‎‎,‎ resolution adjustable‎.‎ OSD‎.‎ Support Freeze‎.‎ Digital comb filter‎,‎ no more cross color‎.‎ 3D motion adaptive de‎-interlacing‎.‎ Standard VGA output works with all standard monitor‎.‎ 3D video‎-processing tech is applied to offer sharp‎,‎ bright and saturated images and smooth videos without any distortion‎.‎ The product is widely used in back‎-end monitor DVR‎,‎ video teaching equipment‎,‎ subway and industry to replace the traditional CRT monitors‎.‎ Lower power consumption and less heat generated for long working hours‎.‎ Light weight‎,‎ compact size‎.‎ Clear picture quality‎.‎ Just plug and play‎,‎ simple and convenient‎.‎ Input/Output‎:‎ Input‎:‎ 1*AV‎,‎ 1*S‎-Video‎,‎ 1*VGA Output‎:‎ 1*VGA Input format AV/SVideo Input‎:‎ Auto‎-Detect PAL‎,‎ NTSC‎,‎ SECAM VGA Input‎:‎ BYPASS
SKU: AV To VGA Converter
Delivery date: 3-5 days
  • Power Input‎:‎ 5V AC‎.‎
  • Supports upto 1920 x 1200 resolution and is easily compatible with CRT and LCD Monitors‎.‎
  • Package Contents ‎:‎ 1 AV to VGA Converter‎,‎1 VGA Cable‎,‎ 1 Video Cable‎,‎1 S‎-Video Cable‎,‎1 Power Adaptor and 1 User Manual‎.‎