AV to HDMI Converter - White

HDMI to AV signal converter which will convert HDM video signal or audio signal to AV ‎‎(‎‎CVBS‎‎)‎‎ composite video signal and FL / FR stereo audio signals‎‎,‎‎ while support DVI system sideline signals‎‎.‎‎ It helps users convert the high quality of the HDMI video signal into normal CVBS signal ‎‎(‎‎standard‎‎-definition 480i‎‎,‎‎ 576i‎‎,‎‎‎‎)‎‎ so that can play on TV‎‎,‎‎ VHS VCR‎‎,‎‎ DVD recorders‎‎,‎‎ etc and support NTSC and PAL two TV format‎‎.‎‎
SKU: AV to HDMI Converter - White
Delivery date: 3-5 days
  • No need to install drivers‎‎.‎‎
  • Portable‎‎,‎‎ flexible‎‎,‎‎ plug and play‎‎.‎‎ 
  • Low power‎‎,‎‎ No power adapter‎‎.‎‎ 
  • Support NTSC and PAL two standard TV formats‎‎.‎‎ 
  • Output Compatible HDMI1.3‎‎.‎‎


Operating System Android